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Piano Removal in Bloomington

Piano Removal in Bloomington

Pianos are a wonderful addition to any home. From the simplicity of an upright piano, to the beauty of a grand piano, these musical instruments brighten up your living spaces. Eventually, you may decide to downsize, or declutter your home. During this, you may decide it would be best to search for piano removal in Bloomington. Due to their weight and large size, removing it might not be feasible. This is where the tough dawgs that get “IT” done come in! Fire Dawgs makes your Piano Removal in Bloomington easy and simple.

How can Fire Dawgs Help With My Piano Removal in Bloomington?

Piano Removal in Bloomington

Fire Dawgs always starts with a free, firm, no obligation estimate! Our certified, trained crew will arrive at their scheduled time to examine the piano that you are desiring to have removed. Once we have provided the estimate, Fire Dawgs uses every tool at their disposal to quickly and efficiently remove the piano.

You may determine that your used piano is actually in good condition, and could possibly be donated! So you may wonder if when Fire Dawgs assists with my piano removal in Bloomington, we could donate it on your behalf. This is a great question!

Can Fire Dawgs Donate my Piano?

Unfortunately, Fire Dawgs is unable to donate your piano. This is due to donation centers not accepting them, as well as the potential for damage during transport. However, we do our best to donate, reuse, or recycle your other items. In fact, we donate, reuse, or recycle as much as 60% of your items!

How much Does Piano Removal in Bloomington Cost?

No matter how good the service is, if the price isn’t right, then it doesn’t matter. Once the estimator sees it in person, they will confirm an exact price. Each piano ranges between $300-$550. Some of the factors that determine the costs are the size of the piano, the type of piano, such as an upright versus a baby grand, as well as its location in the home. This price will be given and determined before your project begins, so you can rest assured with an exact price.

Ready to get your Piano Removed?

Our experienced office staff is standing by, ready to get you a quote for your piano removal! They will walk you through every step, and answer any questions you may have before our estimators arrive. Are you unable to call? Fire Dawgs has you covered! Contact us here and one of our representatives will reach out to you expediently!

One of the things Fire Dawgs prides itself most on is that our crew is Family. We love to show off their personalities, as well as the transformations that we provide for homes! Want to see for yourself? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We look forward to being able to serve you!

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