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Donation Centers in Bloomington

What Does Fire Dawgs Do With Junk?

When Bloomington is looking to remove various unwanted items, from furniture, to other smaller donatable items, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is who they call. With our trained crew ready to take on any challenge from demos, junk removal,  and labor only projects,  you can be sure that your job will get done in a quick manner, with attention to detail. However, when we remove these items, you may be wondering where they go. Our crews always strive to take your donations to the drop off site of your choice, but what are some Donation Centers in Bloomington that we use?

Donation Centers in Bloomington

  • Goodwill: Founded in 1902, Goodwill was founded as a way to ensure that these items are repaired and reused, not only to help others, but also as a way to ensure that materials are not wasted! They can be found either at 512 S College Mall Rd, or at 1284 Liberty Dr!
  • The Salvation Army: Founded in England in the late 1900’s, the salvation army grew as a ministry to the poor and helping others. Today, they serve communities across the country. In Bloomington, they can be found at 111 N Rogers St!
  • Habitat for Humanity:  Providing houses at no cost to help communities in need, Fire Dawgs is happy to help provide softly used furniture for the homes they build. This includes couches, armoires, and assorted household items. They can be found at 213 E Kirkwood Ave for drop off!
  • St. Vincent De Paul: Founded in part in the 1600’s, Vincent De Paul looked to help the poor through charity. He also founded other organizations and collect funds for war relief! These ideas lead to the creation of the St. Vincent De Paul society, which takes donation for those in need. Today, St. Vincent De Paul in Bloomington helps to deliver on those promises by accepting donations! You can drop off your donations at 1999 N Packing House Rd.
  • My Sisters Closet: Have gently used women’s clothing? Than this is the store for you! Offering accessible prices for work appropriate attire, My Sisters Closet is an amazing place to impact the community. They can be found at 414 S College Ave!

How can Fire Dawgs help take your items to donation centers in Bloomington?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is standing by and ready to take on your biggest tasks! We start with a free, firm, no obligation estimate. From there, once booked, we will come out and take the items you need gone from your home. They will then be taken to be donated to the appropriate home of your choice! Our pricing includes the labor and transportation, so you can get that bulky bed frame out of the home!

Ready to hire Fire Dawgs Junk Removal

Give us a call at 812-720-3294 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate! Our friendly office staff is ready to get you booked! You can also reach us on our contact page, or via text at 317-260-1398. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our community!

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