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Picture this: a pile of junk has amassed itself over several years in your garage, and no matter what you seem to do, it keeps getting bigger. Then one day, its suddenly gone; the space has been reclaimed and you can use it once again! Sounds amazing right? But this isn’t just a dream! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is able to help you take back your spaces in Elletsville with our award winning junk removal, labor only, and demolition services. But what exactly can we do for you?


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How Does Fire Dawgs Help With Junk Removal Elletsville?

First, we always start by sending a two-person team with a 16-cubic yard mini dump truck to your project site. Why? This allows us to bring the proper tools and equipment, as well as space to provide the labor, transportation, and all the disposal for you! Unlike a dumpster that sits on your driveway for a week at a time, not including all the labor involved, Fire Dawgs includes everything in the price, making it nice, easy and simple for you! No matter where you items are on your property, we can help. This includes attics, basements, and crawl spaces!

Once on-site, our team will provide you with a free, in-person estimate on the items you want gone. You can either accept or deny the cost of your service at no extra cost? After you agree to the final price, our team will start loading all your items in our vehicle. Following getting all your items loaded, our team will provide you with a final walkthrough to make sure all your needs our met! But how much will everything cost for your junk pick up Elletsville?

What Is The Charge For Elletsville Junk Removal?

We simply base our pricing on volume; in other words, how much space everything takes up inside of our truck. The price once again includes all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees. For Junk Removal services, we start $99 junk removal Bloomington IN, which is for the volume of a fridge. The price increases from there. See our full list of pricing to learn more about the cost of our service. But how will we be able to provide an accurate ball park estimate? With a free, firm, no obligation estimate!

Want to save on your Elletsville junk hauling service? Book online and get $20 off your service. Move your junk to the curb for a curbside discount. To see all the ways you can save, head on over to our junk removal deals and savings page. But what are some of perks of going with Fire Dawgs?

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  • We are locally owned and operated right out of Bloomington IN.
  • We are firefighter and veteran founded with many of our core values coming from the fire service.
  • Fire Dawgs employs many current and former first responders or veterans.
  • All customers receive a free, firm, no-obligation estimate.

I’m Ready For My Free Estimate On My Junk Removal Elletsville!

We can not wait to hear from you! Give us a call today at 812-720-DAWG to talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives! Are you unable to call? Contact us online here and we will reach out to you! Finally, do you have more questions about your Bloomington IN services? Text them to us at 317-597-4744 and our team will get back to you on your service.

We love to show off the latest projects we have helped with. Want to see yourself? Follow us on InstagramFacebookTikTok, and Twitter to see the latest with our crew! We look forward to serving you soon for you junk removal Elletsville.

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