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Labor Only Moving in Muncie IN

Labor Only Moving in Muncie IN

Do you need help moving items around your home? How about across town? Regardless of what you need, any time you are in need of Labor Only Moving in Muncie IN, call the tough dawgs that can get “IT” done! Our team of professional and insured crew members can help you with all your moving needs! No matter what you are in need of moving, we can do it! But what exactly does Fire Dawgs Junk Removal do? Keep reading to find out more!

Labor Only Moving in Muncie IN

How Does Fire Dawgs Help With Labor Only Moving in Muncie IN?

We begin by sending out a two person crew with a 16-cubic yard mini dump truck, packed with the proper tools and equipment to help with your labor only moving. That heavy armoire upstairs in the bonus room? We can move it! That awkward couch in the basement? Easy for us! No matter what it is, we can help with the moving in your home. Do you need your items moved to another location? Keep in mind — you must provide your own moving vehicle or storage unit. Fire Dawgs does not use our dump trucks to load or move your items.

After the final price confirmation, our crew will begin loading your items into preferred storage unit. Our team will work fast and efficiently to complete your service, all while providing you with updates along the way. Following completion of your labor only service, our crew chief will provide you with a final walkthrough of the area to make sure you are pleased with our team’s service. But How much Does Labor only moving cost in Muncie IN?

How Much Does Labor Only Moving Cost In Muncie IN?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal bases its pricing on volume for all of our junk removal services; However, for our labor only services, our pricing is set for 2 hour blocks. We do not provide hourly labor rates. This means that if you are scheduled for 4 hours, and the job only takes 3, they will charge for the full 4 hours. These labor only services include our two person crew to assist with all the heavy loading and lifting.

Visiting our pricing page for more information. Looking to save on your service? We offer loads of discounts!

Ready to get your service scheduled? Great! Read on to find out more.

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We are always happy to help you out! Give us a call at 317-291-DAWG to schedule your labor only moving service in Muncie IN for everything that you are looking to have removed! Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions you have, as well as walk through solutions for your labor only moving needs! Are you unable to call? Fire Dawgs has a solution for you! Contact us online here and we will reach out at a time indicated that works best for you! Text us at 317-597-4744 to get more information on our junk removal services and estimates.

People often say that seeing is believing, and Fire Dawgs loves to show exactly all we can do for you! From our labor only services, to our award winning junk removal or demolition services, Fire Dawgs shows how we can do it all! Want to see for yourself? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see the latest with our crews! We hope to serve you with our award-winning service.

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