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Brush Removal in Muncie

Brush Removal in Muncie

No matter the time of year, property mantinence is crucial to keep your home and outdoor spaces looking clean and presentable. Trimming trees, bushes, or other plants keeps them from looking unruly, but provides a big mess to clean up. Often this brush gets added to piles on back corners of properties and builds up over time. So what should you do when it becomes too much and you need brush removal in Muncie? Call the experts at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! But what does Fire Dawgs do?

How Does Fire Dawgs Assist With Brush Removal in Muncie?

After we provide a free, in person estimate, our trained and certified crew will come out with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck, packed with tools and equipment to easily remove your brush from anywhere on your property. We will begin the project quickly, and once it is all removed, provide a final walkthrough, ensuring satisfaction. But how much does brush removal in Muncie cost?

How Much Will My Brush Removal Cost?

For our brush removal services, we always start with a firm, free, no obligation estimate. This is due to brush being difficult to estimate over the phone, or with text or videos. Once our crew chief arrives for your estimate, they will walk you through our pricing, as well as how we will remove the brush. Our pricing begins at $140 and increases depending on the volume that your brush takes up inside of our truck. All questions can be answered when we are providing the estimate. Once you accept the estimate, we will come out and provide the removal for you!

I’m Ready for My Free Estimate! Now What?

We can’t wait to hear from you about your brush removal in Muncie! Our friendly, helpful Customer Service Representatives are standing by to walk you through the process of getting a free firm, no obligation estimate! Call us at 317-291-3294 today! Are you unable to call! We would love to reach out to you when you are available! Contact us online here, and we will reach out to you. Do you have pictures or videos, highlighting the various areas of your brush project? Send them to our team at 317-460-1398! They will respond with a fast and easy electronic quote!

We love the space that our brush removal services can bring to homes. Fire Dawgs loves showing these transformations off even more! Want to see for yourself? Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see the latest with the Dawg Pack! We look forward to serving you, and earning your business!

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