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Basement Clean Out Muncie

Basement Clean Out in Muncie

A basement is a wonderful addition to any home. Versatile and spacious, basements allow you to create spaces in your home that would not fit in other rooms. However, often, basements become a storage space, housing years and years of clutter, junk, and unused items. If it is not addressed, it can quickly get out of control. Once you comb through the items and separate out what should be removed, what should you do? Contact the tough dawgs that get IT done of course! We make it quick and simple to have those items removed and reclaim your space. But how exactly can Fire Dawgs help with a basement clean out in Muncie?

So How Does Fire Dawgs Assist With My Basement Clean Out in Muncie?

As soon as we arrive, you will notice that our two person team is equipped and ready with the right tools and equipment to tackle your basement clean out in Muncie. Our trained, experienced crew chief will walk through your project, pointing out any trouble spots, and confirming an exact price to complete your job. After this is confirmed, we will immediately begin the removal of your items. The best part? Fire Dawgs always includes the labor, transportation, and disposal fees for your project! This means there is NO ADDITONAL COST for your items being in the basement! How easy is that? We even do our best to donate, reuse, or recycle all of the items that we haul away. However, you may wonder just how much your basement clean out will cost.

But How Much Will My Basement Clean Out in Muncie Cost?

At Fire Dawgs, we base our pricing on volume; in other words, how much space will the items take up inside of our truck. This varies greatly from job to job as the amount of items being removed in every basement is different. We start at our minimum of $130, which is for the volume that a fridge would take up inside of our 16 cubic yard mini dump truck. If you were to completely fill up our truck, the price would be $560. The best way that this can be determined is with a free estimate!

I’m Ready For my Estimate!

Our knowledgeable and friendly office staff is standing by and ready to help you out! Give them a call at 317-291-3294 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate. They will walk through every step of your basement clean out in Muncie, making sure every detail is explained in full. However, we know you may be unable to call. We have you covered! Contact us online here and we will reach out to you! While you have gone through your basement, preparing it for us to come out and remove your items, you may have taken photos or videos that would be perfect for us to use to give you an accurate estimate. We would love to see them! Text us at 317-460-1398 to receive a quote electronically!

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