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How Much Does Swing Set Removal Cost?

Nov 18, 2019 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an old swing set you need removed? You might be wondering How Much Does Swing Set Removal Cost? Price is certainly a major factor when you’re deciding how you will get rid of an old play set. At Fire Dawgs, we have removed hundreds and hundreds of unwanted swing sets. So, we have some information for you on swing set removal pricing. Keep reading to learn more!

So, How Much Does Swing Set Removal Cost?

how much does swing set removal cost

First, we always provide free estimate for our customers. We can do this in person or via text or email. If you do choose the text/email option, it is  helpful when the customer gives us multiple vantage points, and includes in their message the distance from the swing set to the closest hard surface where we can park our mini dump truck.

Here is an average price range to expect for swing set removal. We have factored in what we charged, as well as national averages. A majority of swing set removal services, but not all, can be removed for our minimum demolition price of $500. This price includes all the labor to disassemble and play set and the cost to dispose of it.

Now, if your swing set is already taken apart, and it just needs hauled away, your cost to remove a swing set will be less. Also, we have had swing sets that were more like their own mini public park, in which case those cost more to haul away and fully disassemble. This is why scheduling a free estimate is so important. Your cost may be less or more based on your specific situation.

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