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Do You Provide Play Set Removal Services?

Feb 28, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you tear down and remove play sets?

A: Yes, we most certainly can tear down and remove your play set. The play set removal process is fairly simple and starts with being informed. The physical act of tearing down and removing the play set is a service that should be performed by professionals to ensure that the process is seamless and without incident. This starts with ensuring the company performing the service is fully insured, licensed and equipped to handle the task.  At Fire Dawgs, we want our customers to remain stress free and part of making sure that happens is being properly licensed and insured.

Fire Dawgs Crew providing play set removal
The Fire Dawgs Crew Removing a Heavy Cedar Play Set

Before getting to the play set removal, often times customers will want a general price range to expect for the service. This allows them to budget appropriately or perhaps determine if they want the service done at all. We help in determining price two ways: One, we will ask a number of questions over the phone or via email to help determine the scope of work involved with the tear down. Through a series of questions, we will often times be able to pin down a relatively close price range so that customers can have an idea of the price to expect before our crews arrive. A price range estimate is the best we can do without seeing the item needing removed. One way to get a more concise estimate would be if the customer emailed in pictures of the play set needing removed.

Two, we can schedule a time for one of our crews and/or estimator to come out to the property and provide an exact estimate. If one of our crews come out to provide an estimate and you accept the quote, they can get to work right away. If you request an estimator and accept the quote, then we can pull up the calendar and pick a day that works for you.

Fire Dawgs providing play set removal services
Another Play Set Haul Away in the Books!

The actual removal portion of the play set starts with tearing the set down into manageable pieces. We will separate metal, plastic, wood, etc. We do this so that out of your play set we can recycle, reuse or repurpose as much of the debris as possible so that we can prevent some of the pieces from ending up in a landfill. Next, we load up the pieces into our mini dump truck and then we will clean up what mess is left behind so that you can re-claim the space for its new purpose. After we finish with the tear down, removal, loading and clean up, we will collect payment and be on our way. That is play set removal in a nutshell!

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