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Real Estate Junk Removal Bloomington IN

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal offers high-quality real estate junk removal Bloomington IN services tailored to the needs of realtors, property managers, and homeowners alike. Our emphasis on professionalism and efficiency ensures a smooth experience, simplifying property cleanouts, decluttering, and staging processes. Whether it’s removing unwanted furniture, appliances, or debris, their skilled team handles each task with care, leaving properties immaculate and market-ready. With years of experience and a commitment to eco-friendly disposal practices, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a trusted partner in the Bloomington real estate community, providing reliable solutions and peace of mind for every project. But what does our service look like?

Real Estate Junk Removal Bloomington IN


But how much do our services cost? This is done by estimating how much space your items take up in our dump truck. But what does this look like? We begin at a minimum pick-up truck and can a haul away a full 16-cubic yard load. But how is the cost of service broken down? We wrap all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees into an all-inclusive price package. But how do we handle your disposal? Fire Dawgs does their best to reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items that we haul away! Helping you go green with your junk hauling solutions.

Check out our pricing page to learn more about our cost of service. Then check out our junk removal deals and savings page for all the ways you can save on your service. But are you looking to get a price on your service before hand? We offer free, firm, no-obligation quote prior to every service. Interested in going with Tough Dawgs that get “IT” done? Great! But what does a Bloomington IN real estate junk pick up service looks like?


But how does Fire Dawgs help? We send a two-person crew to your location with a 16-cubic yard mini dump truck. Once our team gets on-site, the crew will introduce themselves before getting eyes on your junk. Following a walkthrough of your property, the crew chief will present you the final cost of your service. The rest is up to you! Either accept the final price or send us on our way at no extra cost.

Following quote acceptance, our team will begin loading all your junk into our vehicle. Following safely securing your items into our vehicle, our team will provide you with a final walkthrough our your area to make sure you are pleased with the outcome. Once you give your final approval, our team will sweep up, shake your hand, and be off to help another customer. Sound like the crew you want for the job? We’re looking forward to assisting you! But what are some services we offer?

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