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Is Junk Removal Expensive?

Jul 26, 2018 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Is Junk Removal Expensive? That’s a great question! Junk Removal costs money. That is a given, but it isn’t necessarily expensive. This is what we are going to explain today. Keep reading to learn more about junk removal cost. Also, feel free to comment with any additional questions you may have on junk removal pricing.

The Question: Is Junk Removal Expensive?

Is Junk Removal Expensive

First and foremost, if you are hiring a professional junk removal company, the service will cost money. Here’s why.

  • Professional junk hauling companies are going to dispose of all your items responsibly.
  • The employees will be insured.
  • Equipment used will be safe and clean. The trucks will be professional.
  • Also, professional junk removers will make efforts to donate your unwanted items. They’ll also send you a tax deductible receipt. (We do at least).
  • Professional Junk Removal companies will recycle items.
  • They’ll also recycle E-waste, like TVs, computers, and other electronics. Recycling electronics costs money.
  • Professional junk removal companies will have the resources to provide a safe and exceptional customer experience.
  • Finally, we drug test and background check all of our technicians.

All of the aspects of professional junk removal require time, money, and resources. You can find some unprofessional, uninsured junk removal services online. You know where. But, will the technicians be safe? Will they simply burn your unwanted items or dump them on the side of the road illegally? Learn more about why junk removal costs money here.

So, Is Junk Removal Expensive?

Junk removal isn’t necessarily expensive. Most junk removal companies charge by load size. We even have a load size calculator to help you determine how much you have on our Pricing page. Most professional junk removal services will start at around $100. This may be before any deal or promotions are applied. However, if you have a huge cleanout or lots of junk, your total will be more. Junk removal and clean outs are labor-intensive, and large jobs will be more expensive. But, at Fire Dawgs, we offer free estimates.

How Do Junk Removal Estimates Work?

  • First, you Contact Us online or over the phone. We can give you a high-end and low-end estimate based on your description. You can even visit out Contact Page and text or email pictures!
  • Next, we schedule your in-person estimate. You can just let us know what needs removed, and we’ll give you a firm price.
  • Furthermore, we’ll beat any competitors quote that is in writing!
  • If you accept our quote, we will get right to work!

We hope we’ve explained a little more about junk removal cost. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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