Are Fire Dawgs Employees Drug Tested?

May 29, 2018 | About Us, Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fire Dawgs Employees Drug Tested? Great question. The really quick answer to this question is YES. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal and Fire Dawgs Cleaning Services employees are drug tested. Why did we we decide to write a blog post on the topic? We were doing search term reach on Google one day, and we found that this was a googled topic. Interesting! We like to give our customers and future employees answers when they Google, because GOOGLE. So, keep reading to learn more about our hiring process at Fire Dawgs.

Are Fire Dawgs Employees Drug Tested?

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First, we expect the most out of our employees. We truly believe in hiring the best people. So, we do background check, screen and drug test all of our employees. Furthermore, we do random drug tests periodically. So, now that we’ve answered Are Fire Dawgs Employees Drug Tested?, let’s talk more about Fire Dawgs.

Fire Dawgs is a local, firefighter founded and veteran owned company. All of our technicians are insured, trained, and uniformed. We have extremely high standards for professionalism. Furthermore, we pay close attention to detail. This is all part of being a veteran owned and operated company. Now, let’s talk about our motto.

Our motto is:

“Treat every customer the way you would want your family to be treated”

We strive to live up to this motto everyday. We even call you two days after your cleaning or junk removal service to make sure that you are happy with the service our team provided. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Finally, we believe our team is the best of the best. Check out our Careers page if you are interested in joining our team of professionals.

Again, thank you for your interest in our company. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you, and take care!

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