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How Much Does it Cost to Remove Cast Iron Tub?

Jun 14, 2021 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Cast Iron Tub? Great question. Cast iron tubs are heavy and very difficult to move up and down stairs. So, location of the cast iron tub will definitely effect how much to costs to remove the cast iron tub, regardless of which junk removal company you choose. At Fire Dawgs, we have remove and hauled away hundreds of cast iron tubs, so we know how much it costs to remove them.

Cast Iron Tub Removal Cost

image of a tub that says cost to remove a cast iron tub

To remove a standard cast iron tub, you can expect to pay anywhere from $255-$395. Based on where the tub is location in the home or on the property, your cost could be more. For example, if the cast iron tub is on the fourth floor and you have an incredibly narrow staircase, your cost to remove the tub could be more. Now, if the cast iron tub is on the first floor of a totally gutted rehab, then your cost would definitely be on the lower end. Why? Because with a property that’s being remodeled, damage is not as much of a factor. Now, say you have a cast iron tub that’s on the third floor and you are just remodeling your bathroom, no demo? Then expert care must be give to ensure floors and walls aren’t damaged. In this case, you are looking at the higher end of the price range.  Furthermore, some cast iron tubs are heavier than others. All of these factors effective cast iron tub removal cost.

At Fire Dawgs, all of our junk removal prices include labor, transportation, and proper disposal and recycling of all items we haul away for our customers!

What If…

These prices listed above are on par with the national average for this type of junk removal job. Now, let’s say you decide to post on Facebook, “Hey! I need someone to remove a cast iron tub today for $50 cash. Any Takers?” 

What kind of work and customer service do you think you will receive? Let’s look at reasons why you should hire a professional to safely remove your cast iron tub.

Why It Pays to Go With the Pros

  • Insurance- A professional junk removal or demolition company will be fully insured. You need to find an insured service provider to make sure you are covered if any technicians are injured on the job.
  • Damage Protection– Cast iron tubs are heavy, and they can damage your floors and walls if improperly moved. What happens when you hire a random, unlicensed person on social media? You could potentially have damage done to your home.
  • Safety- Not every junk removal company performs background checks and drug tests, but we do. We know you want to feel comfortable with the technicians in your home. We only send out background checked, insured removers to handle all of our jobs.
  • Customer Service– At Fire Dawgs, we know you want the job done right. When you hire professionals, you will experience customer service and have the job done your way, when you want it done.

What Happens If You Need a Cast Iron Tub Moved? 

We do that too! Fire Dawgs provides labor only moving. We can move cast iron tubs from one place in your home to another. Furthermore, we offer free estimates on all of our junk removal and labor only moving services. Just contact us online or call us at 1-800-211-3294 for a free cast iron tub removal or moving quote.

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