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Fence Removal in Bloomington

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Do you have a fence that you’re looking to get rid of? Want it done fast, but don’t have the time or the know-how to do it yourself? Are you looking for a team of trusted and insured demolition experts to handle it for YOU? Then look no further than Fire Dawgs! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is proud to service the Bloomington area with our Fence Removal services! Our crews are trained to be able to take care of your largest fences, keeping yard damage to a minimum, and allowing you to free up time! But how do we do this? Read on to find out more.

Fence Removal in Bloomington

What Does Fire Dawgs Do For A Fence Removal in Bloomington?

But how does Fire Dawgs handle a fence removal? For starters, we send you a crew in a two person team. The crew will take a look at the fence and assess the best way to accomplish the demolition. We consider where the fence is located as well as the size of it. Fire Dawgs provides the labor of demolishing the fence, as well as removal from the property. We then will do our best to reuse or recycle the wood or metal from the fence.

For our fence removal services in Bloomington, we start a firm, free, no-obligation estimate either in person, or via pictures. These pictures can be either sent to our email or texted to us here on our contact page! We typically base our price on the volume of the items being hauled away with our mini dump trucks hold roughly 5 pick-up trucks worth of items.

After we determine what will be needed to accomplish your project in the time that works best for you, we will send you your free, firm, no obligation estimate via email and text, so you can look it over at your own pace. From there, our friendly office staff will be ready to book and get your fence removal in Bloomington accomplished! For more information about the cost of our service, check out our pricing page. But how is Fire Dawgs different from those national chains?


Fire Dawgs takes the time to provide environmentally friendly business practices and excellent customer service. First, we do our best to donate, reuse, and recycle all of the items we receive to help support the environment. Second, our customer service stands tall with the best of the best. Our trained customer service teams ensures that every step of your experience with Fire Dawgs is the best. Finally, by supporting a small local business, you get that personalized touch that other companies just don’t provide. Check out our reviews to see just what others are saying about us! But are you wondering what services Fire Dawgs provides?

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From apartments, to garages, attics, and houses — Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can conquer it all! As the tough Dawgs that get “IT” done for you, we are always looking for a new challenge! But what are some of these services? Here is a list of some of our services in Bloomington IN:

Read on to book your fence removal in Bloomington IN!


No need to wait! Give us a ring at 812-720-DAWG or contact us online to schedule your fence removal in Bloomington! For more information, text us at 317-597-4744 to receive more information on our junk removal and demolition services. Fire Dawgs proudly serve Bloomington IN and the surrounding areas! Interested in seeing our team in action? Then check our team out on Instagram, FacebookTikTok, and Twitter to see how we get “IT” done! We hope to provide you with our award-winning service and to add you to our growing Fire Dawgs family in Bloomington IN!

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