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Why Can’t I Get an Exact Junk Removal Estimate on your Website or over the Phone?

Feb 19, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: This is one of the most common questions we get, aside from “How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?” We understand that our customers want an exact junk removal estimate so they can make their decision and know exactly what they are paying for; however, we can’t commit to an exact estimate without seeing the items being removed first.

The reason we can’t give an exact junk removal estimate without seeing the items first is because load sizes can be subjective. Customers may think they only have a ¼ load when in fact they have a 1/3 load. The price range over each fraction provides that margin of error while still preparing customers for a price range that they can expect before having our crews out to perform the service.

An additional factor that plays into why we can’t commit to an exact price without seeing the items first is because some items come with a surcharge. For example, refrigerators, freezers and/or AC Units have Freon in them. Freon is something that has to be removed at recycling centers before they can be processed thereby adding a step in the recycling process. This additional step comes at a price and therefore items with Freon in them have additional disposal costs.

Fire Dawgs Removing a Heavy Refrigerator

Fire Dawgs Removing a Heavy Refrigerator

Another example that comes with a surcharge that many customers often forget to account for are televisions. All TV’s are required by Indiana to be properly recycled due to the contaminants used in the lead glass. Due to specialty disposal process that TV’s must go through, disposal and recycling centers charge an additional fee for processing. Visit our Surcharge List to see a full list of items that come with an additional cost.

Our Online Calculator is in place for customers to reasonably calculate the load size that fits their removal needs. Please visit our Pricing page, and let us know what else we can do to help you make an informed decision!

A screenshot of Junk Dawg's Pricing Page explaining junk removal estimates.

Fire Dawgs’ Pricing Page



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