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Curbside Junk Pick Up in Bloomington

Curbside Junk Pick Up in Bloomington

Sometimes, finding the time to declutter and remove the built up items around your home can be difficult. If you put your items curbside for pick up, your weekly trash pick up might not even take it all. This is why Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is able to help with curbside junk pick up in Bloomington. We make it easy and simple to make all of those items disappear! But what can we pick up, and what makes us the best option?

What does Fire Dawgs do for my curbside junk pick up in Bloomington?

From large, bulky items, to construction material, furniture, or misc. trash, Fire Dawgs has the team, tools, and equipment needed to get your junk pick up done efficiently. We arrive with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck to haul away everything. The details are important to us, and our crew will even clean up afterword’s to make sure you ever knew we were there. Are you items in good condition and able to be donated? We do our best to donate, reuse, and recycle everything we remove! But what do we not accept? We are glad you asked! Any chemicals or biohazard materials are unable to be hauled away. So how much will my curbside pick up cost?

How much does my curbside junk pick up in Bloomington Cost?

We base our pricing on volume; in other words, how much space the items take up inside of our truck. this is determined once our crew arrives and they examine your junk in person. Then, before they begin, the crew will confirm an exact price. Our pricing starts at $130 and the price increases depending on how much you have to be hauled away! Are you ready to get your junk pick up scheduled?

How can I schedule my pick up?

We want to make it as easy and simple for your junk pick up in Bloomington. Give us a call at 812-720-1398 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate! Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will be able to walk you through every detail of your curbside junk pick up. Are you unable to call? We have the solution for you! Contact us online here, and we will reach out to you! But what if you have pictures or videos of the curbside junk that we are going to be hauling away? We would love to see them! Text us at 317-460-1398 to receive a quick text quote!

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