Where to Recycle in Indianapolis

Where to Recycle in Indianapolis

At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we are passionate about recycling. In fact, it is our goal to recycle, donate, or reuse at least 60% of the items we haul away. Space is limited on this beautiful planet, and we believe it is absolutely imperative to reduce the amount of items that go into landfills. If you are wondering, where to recycle in Indianapolis? You have found the right place for the information you need. Below is a list we’ve compiled to help you find Where to Recycle in Indianapolis:

Where to Recycle in Indianapolis

Recycling Drop Off Location in Speedway, Indiana

  • Where to Recycle in Indianapolis

  • 1. Recycle Indianapolis Drop Off Locations: The recycling drop off receptacle in the picture to the left is a city-sponsored recycling location. These receptacles are located all over the city in shopping centers and other convenient locations that residents pass through on a day to day basis.
  • The indy.gov websites states that, “You can place your recyclable items into any of these recycling containers free of charge. The drop-off sites accept all colors of glass, No. 1 – No. 7 plastic containers (except Styrofoam), aluminum, tin, steel beverage and food cans, newspapers, magazines and plastic bags (grocery store style).” For more on these recycling locations, including addresses where they can be found click the following link: Where to Recycle in Indianapolis. 


2. Recycle Indiana: Here is another government-sponsored sites administering local recycling information. The site offers links to sites that provide recycling information and recycling locations in Indianapolis. However, one tool listed on the site is Indiana Recycling Coalition’s EcoPoint. EcoPoint should be able to help pin point the recycling location nearest you. However, unfortunately this tool seems to be currently out of order. The Recycle Indianapolis site can be found Here.

3. Curbside Recycling In Indianapolis: At Fire Dawgs, we do offer a curbside junk removal service, and we will definitely recycle those items left on the curb for you. These items include: appliances, televisions, and other household items.

However, we do not offer a weekly or bi-weekly curbside recycling program. Luckily, there are many local companies that provide curbside programs. Additionally, the City of Indianapolis offers a residential curbside recycling service. More information on that service can be found at the following link: Curbside Recycling.

We hope this information on Where to Recycle in Indianapolis is helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding recycling or our eco-friendly junk removal solutions at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. Happy Recycling!

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