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Where to Recycle Batteries Cincinnati?

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Do you have an old battery that has served its lifespan and you’re looking to get rid of it? If so, don’t just dispose of it in your garbage! This could lead to toxic chemicals from the battery leaking into landfills and polluting the environment for years to come. Instead, take the appropriate steps of recycling you battery at a location near you. But are you not sure where to recycle batteries Cincinnati? Not to worry! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal has put together a list of locations to recycle your battery in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to find the nearest spot near you.

Where to Recycle Batteries Cincinnati


There are numerous battery recycling centers in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas:

  • Any Advanced AutoZone Auto Parts
  • Any O’Rielly Auto Parts
  • Battery Men Inc. — 800 Glendale Milford Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45215
  • Batteries Plus — 7850 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255
  • Batteries Plus — 12131 Royal Point Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45249
  • Batteries Plus — 9810 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251
  • Bill’s Battery Co Inc — 5221 Crookshank Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238
  • Canter Battery Co Inc — 550 Township Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45216
  • Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub
  • Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub — 911 Evans St, Cincinnati, OH 45204
  • Cleanlites Recycling | eWaste Facility — 419 Northland Blvd building a, Cincinnati, OH 45240
  • Cleanlites Recycling | Ohio — 7806 Anthony Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45216
  • Cohen Recycling – Norwood — 5038 Beech St, Cincinnati, OH 45212
  • Continental Battery Systems of Cincinnati — 11271 Williamson Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45241
  • Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District — 250 William Howard Taft Rd First Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • Interstate Batteries of Queen City —4775 Interstate Dr, West Chester Township, OH 45246
  • River Metals Recycling — 1951 State Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45204

If you know of another place to recycle your battery that is not listed on our list, feel free to take your battery to that location.


No. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Cincinnati is not a drop off location for batteries or any other recyclables. But we will however, take your batteries and other recyclable items during one of our many junk hauling services. But how can Fire Dawgs assist with your junk removal needs in Cincinnati?

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