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What Should You Do With Old Pumpkins?

Nov 4, 2022 | Blog, Home, Home Organization, Tips and How Tos

Halloween is over, and with that comes turning the calendar into November and putting your Halloween decorations away. But some items are savable for next year and need to be repurposed or disposed of. One of these items are pumpkins! BUT WAIT! Don’t dispose of them just yet. There are many ways to upcylce or reuse your pumpkins instead of putting them into landfills. Want to use reuse your pumpkins but don’t know how? Keep reading our blog to learn what should you do with old pumpkins!

What Should You Do With Old Pumpkins?

Old pumpkins can be reused or repurposed a few different ways! Provided below are some great alternatives for your old pumpkins rather than just throwing them away.

Ways To Reuse Your Pumpkins

  1. Make A Bird Feeder — This is a great way to upcylce your pumpkin! Place or hang your pumpkin in your backyard and fill it with quality bird food (sunflower, safflower, corn and pumpkin seeds) and watch your feathered friends flock to it. Pro tip — attach a sturdy twig on the outside center of the pumpkin so that birds can have a perch to sit on!
  2. Reuse It As Thanksgiving Decor — Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween — they’re useable for the entire fall season! Turn you pumping into stellar decor by using it as a candle holder or table decoration. If you want to get really spicy, cut it up into pieces and use them as Thanksgiving ornaments!
  3. Turn It Into A Snack For The Neighborhood Wildlife — Little critters love pumpkin as a tasty treat! Cut your pumpkin up into small chunks and place it in a bowl in a frequently busy spot that critters can access it. BUT WAIT! Don’t serve your pumpkin if it is painted or had a candle in it because it could be harmful to the critters health.
  4. Give It Away — If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of repurposing the pumpkin for yourself, give it away to a local garden or wildlife habitat near you! They can repurpose at those locations with multiple upcycling tactics.
  5. Composting — Lastly, if you have a green thumb, consider composting your pumpkin into the soil on your lawn or garden. This will help fertilize your soil and make it healthier for the following year!

Hopefully we provided you with great ways to reuse your old pumpkins! Still don’t like these options and want to get rid of your old pumpkins — we understand. But you may not want to do it yourself. Luckily for you, there are companies that will take your old pumpkins and other waste! But does Fire Dawgs take your old pumpkins?

Does Fire Dawgs Take Old Pumpkins?

Yes and No. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is not a drop off location for pumpkins or any other items at any of our locations. However, we can come and pick-up your old pumpkins and take them to the proper disposal facilities following one of our many junk removal services. But what junk removal services does Fire Dawgs provide?


Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a locally owned company on a mission to help you get your space back! We are firefighter founded and veteran owned! We can handle any job from shed removals to entire cleanouts — and even simple curbside junk pick-up. Our crews take on the tough jobs that the other guys won’t and get “IT” done! But the best part? We also reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items we haul away! Helping our customers go green with their service!

But what services does Fire Dawgs offer? Here is list of our most popular services:

For a full list of all the services we offer, click here. Want to learn more about our pricing? Click here. Want a firm estimate on your service? Give us a call for a free, in person estimate to get you the price on your service!


Give our friendly customer service team a call and they’ll help you set up a free, in person estimate and answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 800-211-DAWG! Cant pick up the phone right now? No problem! Contact us online here to find a time that works best for you and we’ll reach out to you at your convenience. Have pictures or videos that you want to send us beforehand? Text us at 317-597-4744 to receive a fast and easy electronic estimate.

Want to see what else Fire Dawgs can do for YOU? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see our Dawg Tough team in action. We hope we provided you with valuable information for what should you with old pumpkins and we hope to serve YOU soon!

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