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We Got Junk in Indianapolis

Have you reached the point where you are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of unwanted items that are taking over your home, storage and living space? Or, has the trash or unwanted items started to fill up your office space to the point where when you look at some of these unwanted items, you begin to ask yourself why you were hanging onto them in the first place? It is inevitable that there will be the in with the new and out with the old, but rather than letting the old take over your home, call us to take care of the junk removal Indianapolis and its surrounding areas can trust. There’s just no reason to let those items collect dust and if you are doing so because you don’t like the idea of addingwaste to the already trash riddled landfills, rest assured that we have an alternative.

When you decide what to do when you think to yourself, we’ve got junk and too much of it, think not just about the importance of getting rid of those unwanted items, but also consider a company that will find responsible solutions for the waste, trash and debris you need gone. You see, since we live in this technological age of in with the new and out with the old, it doesn’t mean that the “old” is instantly trash. Our company tries to find ways to reuse the items we are called to haul away by recycling or donating as many items as we can before going to the dump and transfer stations. We do this by partnering with charitable organizations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and taking other items to recycling companies like DAO Recycling. As a result of this, we can safely say that we are able to recycle, reuse or donate between 50-60% of the items we take when called for hauling.

The important part about hiring junk removal Indianapolis and its residents can trust is ensuring that the company and work force are reliable and reputable. Our company has received the Angie’s List Honor Roll every month since our 3rd month in business; however, we are reputable for more than just awards, we are also respected for the fact that we are off duty firefighters that you can trust in an emergency or with your services needs. So, the next time you got junk, consider the off duty, trash hauling firefighters at 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]

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