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Fire Dawgs is a reputable, trust and fully insured junk removal company servicing all of Indy and the Surrounding Areas. One of the services that we are known for is used furniture pick up Indianapolis can trust. Our service is so appreciated because we place and emphasis on Recycling, Reusing and Donating as many items as possible.

Used Furniture Pick Up Indianapolis Customers Can Trust

Our used furniture pick up Indianapolis can trust includes any variety of household or office items. Whether it’s an old sofa, lay-z-boy, office desks or cubicle stations, we can help you out. Don’t worry about gathering your junk furniture in one pile, we perform all the labor and will remove all items from initial location.

Still have that old sleeper sofa in the basement where you would stick your nephew Fuller after he drank too much Pepsi at night? We are your go to guys. If you have an old desk stowed away in a cluttered office space, then we are your guys! Or even if you have a giant armoire upstairs that is in one piece, leave it there. We think of your challenges as a workout opportunity 🙂

If you have new furniture being delivered and want to use your old sofa until the day of delivery, no problem, you can schedule a specific time to where we pick up your sofa right before your new furniture is delivered. All members of our crew are experienced, and we have actually teamed up with a local Goodwill in our area. They do not have the means of picking up any donations, so sometimes we provide that service for them.

With our used furniture pick up Indianapolis can trust, there are some items we are no longer able to donate, i.e. mattresses. Indiana has a law against donating these anymore due to the liability and unseen filth that can lie within them. The occasional thrift store will take them, but they are hard to find. Now, if the mattress is still in the plastic wrapping, then most of the time they will take it.

We also recycle what we can. Metal shelving, cubicles and any other metal furniture pieces will be recycled. Most patio furniture can be recycled as well. We always try to give our customers the best value by stacking everything we can and donating and recycling. So, don’t hesitate to call our off duty firefighters, veterans and service members at Fire Dawgs. We aren’t the company off Craigslist offering the cheapest prices in town, but we are the company that you can trust in and around your home! Call us today for all your junk removal and junk pickup needs!

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