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TV Removal Services in Indianapolis

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Question: Who provides TV Removal Services in Indianapolis?

Answer: Fire Dawgs, of course! We understand that the answer to this question may not be easy as our four word response and part of that is due to the new laws surrounding proper television disposal procedures within Indianapolis and Indiana. However, before we get into the legal jargon, let’s just discuss the basis.

TV Removal can be difficult because TV’s can be heavy! Long ago, in a land far, far away, in a time before the flat screen, there stood the large, heavy and bulky “Big Screen” TV. Often times, there was more wood trim and surround than actual screen, but even the actual television screen was ridiculously heavy. This unit altogether could weigh up to 200+ pounds. As such, when it came time to upgrade to a more slender flat screen, or just avoid a TV altogether because you don’t mind your Netflix subscription and a computer screen, then you would be ready to have the old, bulky TV hauled away. Unfortunately, after trying to budge the thing yourself, you realized it was way too heavy for you to handle alone. That’s where Fire Dawgs comes in!

We send out two professional, uniformed removers who can tackle the heavy object. In doing so, after removing it, we will do our best to donate the TV should it still work. However, if the TV has lived out its life, then we will recycle the TV in accordance with Indiana Law. Click Here to learn more about the new policies on recycling.

Now, since there are contaminants in the TV screens and components of the TV, as mentioned in the aforementioned link, the recycling process can get a little pricey. Contrary to popular belief, recycling doesn’t equal free. For companies that remove and transport goods to recycling facilities, we still get charged fees to recycle certain items like TV’s. As such, we have an extra fee for TV disposal and recycling, which you can learn more about by Clicking Here.

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