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Tricks for Being Green on Halloween

Oct 30, 2019 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we are all about that eco-friendly life. So, we’ve come up with some easy tricks for being green on Halloween. There are a lot of benefits of an eco-friendly Halloween. Being eco-friendly on Halloween can save you time, money, and the planet. It is a win win win! Keep reading for our green Halloween tips and tricks!

5 Tricks for Being Green on Halloween

graphic for tips for Being Green on Halloween

  1. Avoid Candy with Wrappers: We know this is a really hard one, but unfortunately candy wrappers are not recyclable. An alternate idea would be to hand out little treats that kids can use. This could be: pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos. Stores sell these small treats in bulk during the halloween season!
  2. Trade Halloween Costumes: Trading Halloween costumes with friends and family saves time and money! Even better, it reduces waste. A win-win-win!
  3. Use All of the Pumpkin: When you’re carving the pumpkin, you can save the seeds to roast. Also, when you are finished with your pumpkin, you can donate the pumpkins to people with livestock like goats and chickens. Or, you can always compost the pumpkin when you are finished.
  4. Use What You Already Have: Do you already have a trick-or-treat pail? Don’t buy a new one! Or, use items and material around your house to make or jazz up a borrowed costume. Using what you already have creates less waste!
  5. Walk it Out!: Try to walk to your trick or treating location if possible. Walking saves fuel and is great exercise. Finally, too many cars driving in neighborhoods crowded with children in the dark is just dangerous!

We hope these tricks for being green on Halloween are helpful! Be sure to comment below with your own sweet eco-friendly Halloween tips and tricks below.

Happy Green Halloween!

And thank you for your interest in helping our planet. Take care!

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