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While providing junk hauling Indianapolis can trust, we also convey to customer the importance of recycling, reusing and donating as many of the items we remove as possible. Currently, that commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the amount of waste we produce has served our business and customers well. We currently are able to RECYCLE, REUSE, OR DONATE between 50-60% of the unwanted items we come across on a day to day basis. We are able to accomplish this earth friendly feat by taking items to places like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and various other charitable outlets. However, that’s just one element. We also recycle a large number of the items we are hired to remove by taking them to a large number of recycling centers. Cardboard, computers, organic brush, computers and many other items do not have to end up in the dumps or landfills.

This post, however, is not about those two elements of our awesome service, nor is it about providing trash hauling Indianapolis can depend on, although we do; you see, this post is about the cool things you can do with junk when it comes to re-purposing or reusing “junk.” I was at a job where the customer wanted us to clean out an old, dilapidated shed that had sat untouched for over 20 years! Inside this treat was about everything junky you could think of; I had an opossum jump out at me, we had to wear masks from the amount of feces that was in it and then a complete gaggle of deteriorating items that we couldn’t make out their original purpose.

However, just like the cliche’s go, their were a few diamonds in the rough. Okay, diamonds may be putting it too nicely, but we did find some things that could be re-purposed. You’ll see in the picture that we took a bike frame from an old bicycle cruiser and made it the foundation for a flower pot. It gives the historical home, that is already decorated with a historical neighborhood theme, a style that resonates in the neighborhood. It doesn’t look like yard trash, but is subtle within a small front yard garden and looks like a cool element to make an old home keep its style. As well as the old jug/can that is also the foundation for a flower pot. They are both rustic and make the home, which is newly sided, painted and updated, still keep its 1940 roots. Just one more way that you can transform junk Indianapolis can use!

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