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Tire Recycling and Removal

Sep 6, 2016 | Blog, Services We Provide

If you set your tires out on the curb on trash day, chances are no matter who your trash pick-up company is, they aren’t going to be hauled away. Why? Tires are not an easy item to dispose of. Due to their composition, tires don’t break down easily in landfills. Want to dispose of your tires properly, but don’t know where to start? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is here to help! Keep reading our blog to find out how Fire Dawgs can provide fast and affordable tire recycling and removal!

Tire Recycling and Removal

Tire Recycling and Removal

Why is it Difficult to Dispose of Tires Properly?

As aforementioned above, tires have materials in them that make it so they aren’t biodegradable in landfills. Resulting in special regulations for the proper disposal of tires. In addition to not being able to put them into landfills, you also can’t burn them, According to the Department of Code Enforcement (DCE), it is illegal to burn tires due to the toxic chemicals and fumes that they produce. So what’s the best option? You can either take them to a proper disposal site, or you can call a junk removal for tire recycling and removal. But who is the best option for tire removal and recycling? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal of course!

How Does Fire Dawgs Assist with Tire Recycling and Removal?

At Fire Dawgs, we believe that recycling unwanted tires is the only option. Finding eco-friendly ways to recycle and reuse tires is our mission, and we do this by making sure to reuse, recycle, or donate 60% of the items we haul away! When you call us for tire removal, you can rest assured that your unwanted tires will be taken to a recycling facility or another outlet where tires are made into other products legally.

But how does Fire Dawgs get my tire? We send our two-person crews with their 16 cubic yard mini dump trucks to your home or property and quickly and efficiently pick up your tires — rim or no rim! Then we take it to a recycling center to properly dispose of it. It’s as simple as that! But just what is the cost of tire recycling and removal?

How Much Does Tire Recycling and Removal Cost?

At Fire Dawgs, we charge based on the volume you items take up in our 16 cubic yard mini dump trucks. Or in simpler terms, the amount of space your items occupy. For your tire removal, we start your rate at our minimum and increase it depending on how much space your tires take up. Included in your total cost is all the transportation, labor, and disposal of your tire! Additionally, we have a surcharge for tires to cover the cost it takes to be recycled.

Looking for a discount? Move your tires to your garage or driveway for curbside junk pick up. Are you a veteran, active military, nurse, teacher, firefighter, EMS, or police officer? You may be eligible for our community hero discount. For a full list of our pricing, click here. Ready for us to come pick up your tire, but can’t determine what it will cost? We can give you a clear price with our free, in person estimate!

I Want a Free, in Person Estimate!

Give our friendly customer service team a call and they’ll get you scheduled and answer any question you might have!  Call us at 1-800-211-3294! Unable to contact us over the phone? Contact us online here to find a time that works best for you and we’ll reach out to you at your convenience. Have pictures or videos that you want to send us of your tires? Text us at 317-460-1398 to receive a fast and simple electronic estimate.

Want to see our Dawg Tough team in action? Be sure to follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see how we are delivering our award-winning service! We hope to earn your business and serve YOU soon!

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