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Spring Break and Junk Removal

Mar 31, 2013 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Everybody looks forward to a certain time of year in the midwest that symbolizes a transition from the bleak and dreary winter into the sunny and t-shirt wearing weather of spring. If you’re fortunate, then you start off this wonderful time of year by jumping on 65 South and head towards Florida. However, what happens a lot during this time, which is justifiably so in the back of your mind, is the accumulation of unwanted items and junk. So, while it isn’t a fun thing to think about, it seems that Spring Break and Junk Removal go hand in hand.

Now, while the two have nothing in common in terms of their levels of enjoyment, one certainly facilitates the need for the other. A funny thing happens when the weather is warm… people start opening their garage doors and spend more time outside. Inherently, the 6 months in between the last warm day in fall and the first warm day in spring is that the garage can turn into a bit of a storage unit of unwanted items.

Rather than continuing to use a functional space as a place where things in limbo go to die, stay ahead of the game and call Fire Dawgs for junk removal Indianpolis can trust. If you garage is full of clutter and needs a garage cleanout, then we will send our screened, uniformed employees out with an empty truck so you can get rid of as much items as you need. We will give you a free estimate. If you like the price, then we will get to work. If you do not, then we will shake hands and be on our way. If we do perform the work, then we will work hard to get in and out as quick as possible. After we finish, we will sweep up and make the space look clean and organized. After receiving payment, we will shake hands and be on our way. Before heading to the disposal facilities, we will do out best to recycle, reuse or donate as many items as possible so we keep unneccessary items out of the landfill. In the event we are able to donate any items, we will send you the tax deductible receipt.

We are the go to company for junk hauling, but if you are clearing out the garage because you are moving, then ask about our brother company Moving Dawgs, the best Indianapolis Movers.

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