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Small Business Tips: Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

Aug 16, 2013 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

When you find the business that inspires you to become an entrepreneur and try to make it in the small business world, it can be both exhilarating and terrifying. However, it’s that fear of failure that can motivate you to thrive on that exhilaration and push through the tough times. For most entrepreneurs in the beginning, it’s a lot of 14 hour days that start off early putting in place measures to ensure the product is eliciting a response, followed by performing the service or working on the product, then a little time with family and capped off by ensuring that your books are straight while also learning about your industry to stay ahead of the curve. It can be relentless. Success is often coupled by setbacks so it’s important when you do have a glimmer of success you take time to enjoy the little things.

In example, our company celebrated a victory for the month of July. We set an aggressive sales goal for July and we surpassed it. This victory was a result of a long month of hard work, late nights and resilience. Our employees not only worked their tails off but they also did so while still ensuring our companies maintained and elicited A+ reviews and 5 star responses. Rather than just celebrating this type of triumph with a beer on the porch, we celebrated Indianapolis style. Our employees and their significant others all got tickets to a Colts Game.

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There are a mountain of mistakes that you can make as a small business. If you have a bad product you may spend all your time trying to fix it and neglect your process. If you have flaws in your process you may neglect both your people and your process. However, if you put time into the morale of your people, you will have a staff that ensures your product and process are in good hands. So, our small business tip this month is to take time to enjoy the little things!

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