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Shed Tear Down Services in Louisville

Jul 14, 2015 | Blog, Services We Provide

Are you looking for shed tear down services in Louisville KY? You’ve come to the right place!  Sheds can be helpful, until they are not. They can be aesthetically pleasing and a great way to store yard items such as your lawn mower, garden tools, flower pots, etc so you don’t have to take up the room in your garage. The problem with sheds is that they aren’t always built to last compared to a house. Time and weather can really damage them up as well as other culprits such as mice or termites.

Once your shed gets to the point of no easy repair, it is best to remove it so it is no longer a hazard. Next time you are needing shed tear down services in Louisville, you can trust Fire Dawgs to complete the job! We offer free quotes on all of our junk removal and demolition services in Louisville and all the surrounding areas!

Shed Tear Down Louisville KY

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Providing Shed Tear Down Services in Louisville You Can Trust

Tearing down a dilapidated shed is not too hard since it is basically already falling a part but we are trained and skilled on all kinds of sheds.  We’ve also got customers who still have a usable shed but maybe it came with the house they just bought and they would rather have the extra yard space or maybe that particular shed is not their style. Whatever the case we can take care of that too and we will always recycle as much of the shed material as we can.

A perk of choosing a junk removal company to demo your shed is that the removal process is easy for us. We already have the hauling trucks and relationships with proper disposal systems available. We’ll tear down your shed piece by piece and put it in our truck and head on our way. Our crew is uniformed and professional and will treat you and your yard with respect as they get the job done.

If you are ready to hire shed tear down services in Louisville give us a call today at 1-800-211-3294  or fill out our contact form. We’ll have it cleaned up and be out of your hair in no time! We also offer several other demolition services as well. For more info and photos on Fire Dawgs Junk Removal Louisville take a look at our Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by!

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