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Senior Downsizing Services Louisville

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Downsizing can be a difficult task, especially as a senior. On top of all the mental aspects of letting go of items or transitioning into a new space, there are all the physical hurdles you have to overcome. These can take a toll on you overtime if you’re not careful. Are you looking for a team of trusted, insured, and professional junk haulers and movers to help alleviate some of the weight off your shoulders? Then search no further than Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! But why choose Fire Dawgs for your senior downsizing services Louisville?

Our team of Tough Dawgs can help you get “IT” done and make your downsizing a breeze! But what ways do we provide help with your Louisville senior downsizing services? Read on to find out more!

Senior Downsizing Services Louisville


So how does Fire Dawgs assist with Louisville senior downsizing services? We do this with our labor only moving services Louisville and our residential junk removal Louisville.

Labor Only Moving Services Louisville

Fire Dawgs can help you move your items around your home or to a new location in Louisville and the surrounding areas through our labor only services.

  • Our movers are professional, licensed, and insured.
  • The movers can handle ALL the heavy lifting, letting you sit back and enjoy the show!
  • Whether its around your home or across town, we can help you get your items where you want them.

However, does Fire Dawgs help transport your times for moving? No. Fire Dawgs does not transport you items during our labor only moving service. It is required that you provide your own transportation vehicle to load your items in. Our dump trucks are not secure enough to transport you items safely from one location to the next, But our team is always happy to meet you at your new location and assist in unloading your items! But what if you just have items you want to get rid of?

Residential Junk Removal Louisville

Not interested in moving, but just need to let go of some junk? No problem! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal assists with residential junk removal services! But what does this service entail?

  • We send our well-trained, screened, and certified two-person crew to your location.
  • Each crew arrives in a 16-cubic yard mini dump truck, prepped to meet the needs of your service.
  • Our team will introduce themselves to you and learn more about your job.
  • After a brief tour of the items you want gone, our crew chief will off you the final quote.

If you agree on our free estimate, our team will start loading the items in to our 16-cubic yard mini dump truck. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the Tough Dawgs do all the hard work for YOU! Once finished, our team will clean up, offer a final tour, and collect payment before moving on to another service. But the best part of our whole service? We reuse, recycle, or donate 60% of the items we take! Helping you go green in your service with Fire Dawgs! Does this sound like the Louisville senior downsizing services you’re looking for? Great! But what is the cost of our services?


Labor Only Moving Services Louisville

  • Our labor only services are sectioned into two-hour time blocks.
  • For each added two-hour time block, we add an additional cost.
  • For a full day, our max time block is 8-hours.
  • Once the service starts, it does not stop for any reason. There will be no added time onto your service.
  • In the event of an early completion of your service, you are still expected to pay in full.

Residential Junk Removal Louisville

  • We gauge your cost on the amount of volume your items occupy in are truck.
  • Minimum load size starts a pick-up truck and goes up to a full dump truck size load.
  • Your service is packaged to include all the labor, hauling, and disposal fees.
  • Check our surcharge list to see if you have items that incur an additional fee.

For more information on our pricing, check out our pricing page for a further break down of our pricing system. Are you ready to get your Louisville senior downsizing helpers for your needs? Great! Read on to learn how you can schedule with Fire Dawgs!

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Our customer service team is standing by waiting to serve you! Dial us up at 502-795-DAWG or contact us via our website and one of our team members will assist you in scheduling your senior downsizing services Louisville. For more information regarding our downsizing services or any other of junk hauling services, text us at 317-597-4744 and our office will provide you with answers.

The F in our core values stands of F.I.R.E. stands for Family First. We exemplify this following our guiding principle: “Treat Every Customer The Way You Would Want Your Family To Be Treated.” We make sure we treat our customers like family by providing transparent and award-winning service for each and every customer. Making sure our clients have the best experience possible with Fire Dawgs. See what our clients are saying by checking out our reviews page.

Being a firefighter founded and veteran owned company, we honor those who have served or continue to serve our community, That’s why we offer a community hero discount for veterans, service members, firefighters, police officers, EMS, nurses, and teachers that give them 10% off their service. This is Fire Dawgs way of thanking our heroes for their sacrifice.

We hope to serve you soon in Louisville! Before you go, check out our FacebookInstagramTwitter, and TikTok pages to see how we’re helping Louisville get clutter-free one job at a time.

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