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Satellite Dish Removal in Indianapolis

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Remember when giant satellite dishes were a thing? We do! What do you do when you have a huge satellite dish in your yard? Call Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. We provide satellite dish removal in Indianapolis and all the surrounding areas. What’s even more awesome than having the team at Fire Dawgs haul away your old satellite FAST? We are able to recycle the satellite dish components to make sure they stay out of landfills. Learn more about Indianapolis satellite dish removal and our other junk removal services below!

More on Satellite Removal in Indianapolis

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At Fire Dawgs, we know the a ginormous satellite dish in your yard can be an unwanted eyesore, and we are help to remove it and recycle it. Our mission is recycle as much as we can, while eliminating clutter for our customers. We know you are tired of mowing around that satellite dish, so let’s get you a free satellite removal quote!

Here’s How it Works

  1. Just call our friendly team at 317-291-3294, or Contact Us online anytime.
  2. Let us know where the satellite is and what time works best for your schedule.
  3. We will give you free pricing information and get your scheduled for your satellite removal service.
  4. You will receive service reminders and notifications when we are heading your way!
  5. Once we are on site, we will confirm price. If you like our price, we will get right to work.
  6. After the satellite is loaded up, we will collect payment and be on our way to recycle the old satellite.
  7. Finally, you have your yard back, and it’s looking great !

Satellite removal with Fire Dawgs is that simple! So, give us a call or Contact us here to schedule your service today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and get you clutter free!

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