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Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure

Feb 12, 2016 | Blog

Here at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we are huge fans of decluttering and removing junk and unwanted items for our customers. Our junk philosophy is that we recycle, donate, and repurpose at least 60% of the items we haul away for our customers. We are passionate about all three aspects of our mantra: recycle-donate-repurpose. Today, we are going to focus on repurposing, as we share tips for Repurposing Junk into Farm House Treasure.

Repurpose Junkinto Farmhouse Treasure

In addition to junk and repurposing, we love farmhouse style! All things farmhouse and rustic and repurposed seem to be the the rage these days. And we can guess if you’re reading this blog post, you probably spend your Tuesday nights with Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. These two, Pinterest, and Instagram hopefully have inspired you to take on some repurposing projects yourself! (And, we think that’s pretty awesome). So without further ado, here our some ideas for Repurposing Junk into Farmhouse Treasure!

 Ideas for Repurposing Junk into Farmhouse Treasure

1.Pallets: If you are on Pinterest, you have probably come across some savvy ideas for turning pallets into beautiful and useful wares. You can check out our Pallet Projects board here! Also, check out this pallet letter! This beauty was created by Avenatti Woodworking.

Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure

Letter Made of Repurposed Pallets

2. Garden Art: Items like old bikes, buckets, sleds, wagon etc. can be turned into farmhouse garden gold! The best thing about repurposing junk into garden art is that all you really have to do is stick a pot of flowers in it or on it, and you are done! No need to sand, prime, or paint because with farmhouse style, RUST and patina are golden.

From Junk to Treasure

Transform Junk Indianapolis

3. Grain Sacks: Grain sacks are a staple of farmhouse decor. You can use them to cover furniture like chairs and foot stools (like the one shown here by Bolt and Timber). You can also frame them in a reclaimed barn wood frame for lovely farmhouse wall art!

Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure

4. Old Silverware: Oh the possibilities are endless! You can use a metal stamping set to make sweet garden markers. You can also simply put old, tarnished silverware in a blue mason jar to add instant farmhouse style to your dining room or kitchen.

5. Baskets: Especially wire baskets! If you see these at a junk store or flea market, NEVER pass them up. Wire baskets, locker baskets, egg baskets, willow baskets, wicker baskets are all keepers!

6. Buckets: Buckets and baskets. These are some of the best farmhouse storage options. Christmas trees is buckets, ferns in buckets, old map rolls in buckets. The possibilities are endless!

7. Crates: Like buckets and baskets, crates are great storage options if you are all about repurposing junk into farmhouse treasure. The best thing about crates is that you use them on your walls as cubby storage.  They are also great in the playroom to hold books and toys!

Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure


8. Bottles and Jars: If you are a lover of all things cottage and farmhouse, you already know that you can NEVER have too many bottles and jars (especially blue ones)! Farmhouse style is all about bringing the outdoors in. Bottles and jars filled with cut flowers are always beautiful way to let nature take center stage in your home decor.

Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure Vases

Vases in Box Made of Reclaimed Wood

9. All Galvanized Everything:

Anything galvanized metal adds farmhouse flair to your abode! Check out these galvanized bins below that were repurposed to hold produce in a farmhouse kitchen!

Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure

Galvanized Bins for Produce


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas for Repurposing Junk Into Farmhouse Treasure! Happy junking!

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