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This search phrase is one way you can type in to find someone to take care of your mess, but more importantly, you should look for a company that you can rely on for the future. At Fire Dawgs, we treat each opportunity almost as an interview of sorts, so that we can convey to you our work ethic, unparalleled customer service and the efficiency of our operation. When looking for junk removal Indianapolis residents can trust, you should look no further than our hauling company that is owned and operated by firefighters.

Specifically, removing debris, debris removal or hauling construction debris is a service that we provide to help get rid of your leftover remnants from a remodeling job, landscaping project or perhaps just a dirty mess that you don’t feel like dealing with. Some call it junk hauling and others call it trash hauling Indianapolis residents can trust and depend on, but we just call it helping our customers deal with a problem that they need take care of.

The next time you need this service or others like it, try our locally owned and firefighter operated company that has received more 5 star, A+ reviews than any company in our young business’ history.

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