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Recycling in Fort Wayne

Recycling in Fort Wayne

Are you looking for a reputable company you can trust to recycle your unwanted items? The team at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is here to help! Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can remove and recycle everything from your lawn waste and debris to your old television. Keep reading to learn how Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can help with recycling in Fort Wayne!

How Do We Recycle in Fort Wayne?

Recycling in Fort Wayne
TVs and other electronic waste can be tricky to dispose of for recycling in Fort Wayne. Televisions and anything else with a cord or electronic components need to be recycled. Furthermore, it’s illegal in Indiana to throw TVs and other e-waste in the trash, so TVs must be recycled properly. We can handle any size TVs, and we remove old TVs from tight spaces on a daily basis without damage. It doesn’t matter where the TV is – we will remove it and recycle it. We take the unwanted TVs to OmniSource to be properly disposed of. This is also where we recycle scrap metal and materials!
Yard waste and debris can be difficult to dispose of, but the Fire Dawgs team is happy to do all the heavy lifting, moving, and recycling in Fort Wayne! Once the debris has been removed, we will recycle it at Fort Wayne Biosolids, and they will ensure it’s disposed of properly.

Fire Dawgs will also take those old and unwanted tires off your hands! Tires are big, bulky, and a pain to get rid of. This is no problem for Fire Dawgs! We will remove the tires from your property and will properly dispose of them at local tire retailers. The process is so easy, and Fire Dawgs is willing to help!

How Can I Set Up Fort Wayne Junk Pickup?

Are you ready to schedule your free estimate on your items that can be recycled? Our team is here to help you! Just contact us online anytime that works for you. Or, you can call us at (260) 250-3294. You can also text us pictures of your tvs, yard waste, brush, or junk on our contact page for a free quote.

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