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How do you recycle unwanted items being removed?

Feb 21, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you recycle the  unwanted items being removed?

Answer: As a removal and salvage company, part of our process is ensuring that we are responsible tenants of the earth. What does that mean? We are of the belief that since we are all only temporary occupants of good ole mother Earth that we have a responsibility to ensure that we leave her in better shape than we found her. An integral part in making sure that happens means preventing as many items as possible from just being buried in a big dirt hole and covered up by contaminated soil. While disposal facilities are necessary in the world we live in, each day there are more and more responsible solutions becoming available to citizens who want to recycle unwanted items.

Our removal and salvage company makes every effort to sort through every load that we are hired to haul away. Within each load, there are items that can be re-purposed and thereby re-used, there are items that could be donated to charitable organizations and then there are items that can be recycled. At our warehouse, we have a few different containers. Within certain containers you will find a number of recyclable metals, plastics, cardboard, paper and certain types of wood.

Circling these containers you will find hard working members of our staff ensuring that every scrap that can be diverted away from landfills and disposal sites, ends up in one of these bins so that we can accurately tell our customers that we recycle, repurpose, reuse or donate over 60% of the items that we come in contact with. While certain scrapping and metal operations are able to turn a profit, our recycling operation is small in comparison and is not something generates net revenue for our bottom line. However, the revenue it does produce by selling recyclables such as metal and money it saves us from having to dispose of it at a landfill, allows for us to provide yet another job in this down economy for our sorting and recycling staff. More importantly, it is a value added proposition that allows us to hopefully earn the trust and loyalty of our customers by being responsible tenants of mother Earth. So join us on our mission to recycle unwanted items! Give us a call at (800)-712-5865 if you’d like more information about how to recycle unwanted items.

Additional information about how to  recycle unwanted items in Indianapolis can be found at the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful website found here.

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