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I Want to Recycle TVs in Indianapolis

First of all, if you are landing on this page, then you typed in a phrase into the search engines that is similar to the title of this post which means that you want to recycle your old TV. That, in and of itself, is a step in the right direction. Why is it such a big deal to recycle TVs in Indianapolis? I am going to paraphrase the regulation that is hyperlinked below or you can click the link below to better familiarize yourself with the regulation pertaining to e-waste and TVs.

There are a number of components that make up television screens, computer monitors and other devices that are considered e-waste and they are considered hazardous. Some of the heavy metals within the devices  are hexavalent, chromium, mercury and lead. Since this is the case, there are restrictions on how we can dispose of them. Schools, small businesses and households must dispose of them responsibly at some of the locations listed on the link below. Large businesses need to visit the above link as their requirements are different.

Now, as I mentioned, I paraphrased the IDEM, but wanted to get some of the nuts and bolts into this post so you understand that these items require special care and can’t just be thrown in with typical debris or unwanted items. Nonetheless, Fire Dawgs is still capable of getting rid of these items on your behalf. We will still try to donate working computer monitors and tv’s so that they don’t have to be disposed of at all and could perhaps capture a second life and remain in use. In the event that is not a possibility, then we will dispose of these items responsibly on your behalf so that you can rest easy knowing that we are getting rid of hazardous components within e-waste in accordance with regulations.

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