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Dec 3, 2013 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Fire Dawgs has a solid reputation as a first class service provider synonymous with affordability and character. Featured with Angie’s List in 2012 as a Best Contractor and winner of the Super Service Award in 3 Categories, we take our reputation with Angie’s List customer very serious and always aim to improve our service so that we stay in good standing with all of our customers.

That being said, it’s pretty telling when Angie’s List employees seek out your company to provide them with their needed service. Given that they have hundreds of service providers at their finger tips, it says something when they go with your company. However, having them call you for the service is just part of the equation; you still have to follow through and consistently provide that excellent service. After we finished taking care of the Angie’s List employee, we received this feedback.

“Squad Fire Dawgs,

Kyle and Ryan made what I thought would be a headache of a morning go by great.

Great attitude and great energy, that all I think it takes to be a successful person and they have that.

I’ll be leaving a report, thanks again!”

We always appreciate customer feedback, even when it’s constructive, because we are always trying to make our service even better. However, it feels pretty good when our guys get feedback like this, Great Work Ryan and Kyle!

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