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Play Set Removal Indianapolis

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Recently, we got a call into our Customer Care Center from a repeat customer asking, “Do you guys also perform play set removal?” We replied enthusiastically that not only do we perform tear these items down and dispose of them responsibly, but we provide play set removal Indianapolis and all of the surrounding areas can trust! Since the customer had already used us in the past and was familiar with our affordable and convenient pricing, we scheduled an appointment for our crews to get to work.

Our customer lived on the NorthEast side of Indy and had owned his home there for more than 20 years. So, not only did he take pride in his home, he also wanted a company that would treat his home with the same respect that he had. Fortunately, our company is Owned and Operated by Firefighters, Veterans and Service Members which provides that extra layer of security that customers are looking for when letting a service provider in and around their home. It was one of the things that made our customer comfortable with us in the beginning and was also a big part of what had him call us back out a second time.

Play Set Removal Indianapolis

Play Set Removal Indianapolis

We arrived at our customer’s well taken care of home first thing on a Monday morning. Two of our best Fire Dawgs, Jeff and John were steady for the challenge they found waiting for them. After shaking hands with the customer and going over the scope of work, our two screened employees provided our free, no obligation estimate. The customer anticipated our fair price and was more than happy to pay our guys for play set removal Indianapolis residents like him could trust.

Play Set Removal Indianapolis

After our evaluation of the  the monster playset, we knew we had a full morning of work. Our experienced crew was more than up for the challenge since they had their throw back Wheaties that morning. Since this was no easy task, the guys were sure to break out the throwback Wheaties with Michael Jordan on the cover so they were sure to bring their A games. As the guys were getting all the tools out of the truck, and prepping the job site for the demolition of the playset, our customer got to sit back and relax with steady peace of mind knowing that the aging piece of backyard equipment was no longer going to be a burden.

Quicker than the Micro Machines guy could rep out a TV commercial, our strong, capable Fire Dawgs were hard at work. First they took out the sawzall and cut off all the external parts, i.e. the railings, the slide, and a few other odds and ends. Next, the Dawgs took out the sledge and knocked out all the beams that were supporting the deck area of the playset. Once those bad boys were out, the entire playset came crashing to the ground. Jeff and John then carefully cut everything into manageable, safe pieces, and started hauling it to the truck. Job complete!

The Result Of Our Indianapolis Play Set Removal

Our customer was wicked happy and Fire Dawgs had another invoice on the books. This play set was just one more job that proves why Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is the best company providing junk removal Indianapolis can trust. Are you looking to get your swing set removal Indianapolis on our schedule? Then keep reading to learn how to book your free, in-person estimate on your Indianapolis play set.

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Call our Indianapolis junk removers at 317-291-DAWG or contact us online the next time you need professional play set removal Indianapolis. Text us at 317-597-4744 to get in touch with our office to learn more about our junk removal and demolition services! We hope we provided you with great information on your play set removal in Indianapolis and we hope to serve you soon with our award-winning service! Please follow us on TikTokInstagramFacebook, and Twitter to see how we serve our customers!

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