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I Need a Company to Pick Up Junk in Indianapolis

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I Need a Company to Pick Up Junk in Indianapolis

 Sometimes we just want to type in the search engines exactly what we are thinking and expect it to deliver results that actually apply to what we need. Fortunately, Google is smart enough to make that happen and if you are reading this post then the internet goliath has indeed paired you with a company that can pick up junk in Indianapolis. However, we aren’t your average junk removal company and we try to do a lot more than just pick up junk; specifically, we try each and every day to exceed what customers expect from junk removal companies by striving for unparalleled customers service.


pick up junk in Indianapolis

Call Fire Dawgs to Pick Up Your Junk in Indianapolis

For clarification, Yes, we will come to your property to pick up junk in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. After we have removed the items, we will haul them away to various disposal facilities. That being said, our customer service starts far before you actually call to get us to stop by. We try to build an informative website that prepares you with as much knowledge that you need to make an informed decision. For example, did you know that what you may consider junk could actually be repurposed or reused so that someone else may keep it out of a disposal facility? More often than not, we are able to donate, recycle, reuse or repurpose items expanding their life span and keeping them out of landfills. Our informative website and Blog do a reasonably good job of describing our processes.

After you have learned about our service, you call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] and our helpful call center representative will answer any additional questions and/or schedule an appointment at your convenience. After having confirmed your appointment the day before or on the day of, we will arrive within your two hour time window on your scheduled date but not before performing a 20 minute call ahead to give you a more accurate arrival time within the two hour window. We will go over all the items needing removed, provide you with a firm, free no obligation quote and if you approve the price then we get to work right away. If you don’t approve of the price, then we shake hands and move on to our next appointment. Assuming we perform the work, we make it so that you don’t even know we were there except for the unwanted items that are no longer present. After finishing our work, we sweep up, square up on payment, leave you with some awesome magnets to hang pizza coupons on and go on our way.

With our removal and hauling company, it’s just that easy! Schedule your junk pick up in Indianapolis today!

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