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Who will pick up junk in Carmel?

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Finding a company to perform the service that you’re looking for isn’t always a challenge; however, do they perform the service in your specific area? When you need a company to pick up junk in Carmel, not only do you need to find a company that services your area, but you need to find a reputable company to perform the work.

pick up junk in Carmel

Junk Pick Up in Carmel Indiana

Let’s be honest, most service companies worth their salt will service Carmel in addition to Indianapolis; however, when you have a large number of companies targeting one area, you need to be able to sift through the sour to get to the sweet. If you don’t care about the company you hire having business liability insurance, workman’s comp insurance or auto insurance that all protect you as a paying customer, then stop your search here and visit Craigslist. Go to the search engine on their site and type in “Cheap Junk Removal.” After doing so, you will be bombarded with “FREE JUNK REMOVAL” and “Cheapest in Town” advertisements. These guys really are the cheapest in town, and we won’t compete with them. They show up in beat up trucks with unlicensed removers and no insurance to protect you as a homeowner. They also don’t screen their removers and often times will want “cash only” so they can avoid paying taxes that most reputable businesses pay.

We’re not salty about companies like that being out there. The type of customers that want dirt cheap prices and don’t care about the legitimacy of the company they hire will always be able to get a pretty sweet price. That being said, you’ll get sour customer service and sour treatment if something goes wrong. That’s why it’s easy for us to separate ourselves from these types of businesses. We are fully licensed, insured and all of our employees are screened. We pick up junk in Carmel at an affordable rate and will recycle, reuse, repurpose and donate the items on your behalf so you can know we are disposing your unwanted items responsibly.

Professional movers and removers

Professional movers and removers

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