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Junk Removal Prices Lafayette IN

May 28, 2019 | Blog, Service Area, Services We Provide

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a Firefighter and Veteran Owned company servicing Lafayette, IN; as well as West Lafayette, IN. We are not a national franchise, and are local to Indianapolis, IN originally, but we are now servicing the surrounding regions. We think it’s important for our customers to know the difference to they can support local, Hoosier companies as they browse junk removal prices Lafayette can trust.

Junk Removal Prices Lafayette IN

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal in Lafayette IN

Junk Removal Prices Lafayette, IN – Getting Started

The first thing we need is to learn a little bit more about the work that has you searching for junk removal prices in Lafayette. We start at our minimum of $130. There are a few ways we can provide an estimate.

  • You can look at our load size calculator and scroll over the various fractions and price points. This will illustrate different load sizes. Once you see one that closely resembles your load size, then let our team know and we will be able to provide a low end, high end price range.
  • You can text message a picture of the load size to 317-460-1398
  • Also, you can email a picture of the load size to [email protected]
  • Last, we can set up an in person estimate

What all is included in the junk removal prices?

Included in the price is the muscle and labor from our screened, uniformed removers. You simply point out where the items are and we do all the work removing them and loading them into our truck. The price also includes our transportation fees to try and donate the items on your behalf. If we are able to donate any of the items, we send you back the tax deductible receipt. Whatever we are not able to donate, we will then try to recycle, which also takes transportation fees and additional labor. Whatever is left after having tried to donate and recycle will be transported to a disposal facility where we will incur a disposal fees by the disposal facility to off load your items. All of these efforts are included in our price.

How Junk Removal Prices in Lafayette affect Who to Hire

It’s important that the company be professional and legitimate. They should be fully insured with liability, auto and workman’s comp insurance, preferably with umbrella insurance as well.

  • They should be reputable. Read their reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, etc.
  • Also, they should treat you with extraordinary customer service, from the first impression to the initial phone call/inquiry. This will clue you into the type of service they will provide should you choose to hire them.
  • Hiring the cheapest means you may get cheap customer service as well; additionally, it can end up costing you more if something goes wrong with the service.

This information is a brief glimpse into the service but we imagine you may have many more questions as you look for junk removal prices Lafayette IN can trust. Please call 317-291-DAWG (3294) or email [email protected] for additional questions!

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