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Fire Dawgs vs Got Junk

May 5, 2014 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

How do Fire Dawgs’ Costs compare to Got Junk Prices?

When it comes to pricing, Fire Dawgs is and will always be cheaper than Got Junk and all other franchised competitors that service Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. We can say this with absolute certainty and if there is ever a time when you received a cheaper quote from one of our franchised competitors, then we will match it or beat it. Why would we need to beat their prices if we are already cheaper? Good question, let me explain.

A lot of franchises have central call centers that are not located in Indianapolis; in example, Got Junk’s call center is located in Canada. Their call center reps will field calls and give a price based on a brief explanation of the items being removed. There is nothing wrong with this practice and I’m sure their call center reps are very pleasant during the scheduling process. However, they have set prices and all their franchisees have to follow that pricing structure. Their pricing structure and various price points are all higher than our price points for the same work. However, sometimes local franchisees will deviate from their parent franchisor’s pricing structure in an effort to win the job. In these instances, if they deviated from their pricing structure so drastically that they finally worked their way down to reasonable pricing like we provide, then we will match or beat it.

Fire Dawgs vs Got Junk
Fire Dawgs Indianapolis Will Always Offer Better Prices and Customer Service than 1-800-Got-Junk

More than likely, what you will often get instead of a price deviation, is justification for why they are higher priced. They will try and woo you with their excellent customer service, uniformed employees and clean junk removal trucks. The problem with that is, we have better reviews, have won Best in Class and Best Contractor for our reputation with customer service, we also have screened, uniformed employees but a lot of them are also veterans, firefighter and service members; also, we too have trucks especially designed for junk removal that are family friendly, clean and exceed what you expect from a junk removal company.

Fire Dawgs vs Got Junk

Long story short, we are better priced, provide better customer service and match or exceed all the franchised competitors in Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas. Don’t go with a franchise, support a company founded and operated in Indianapolis!

We hope we’ve explain Fire Dawgs vs Got Junk, if you have any additional please feel free to contact our call center located here in Indianapolis at 800-712-JUNK! Also check out our veteran-owned and operated moving company, Moving Dawgs!

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