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Items Junk Removal Companies Can’t Take

Aug 11, 2012 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

A List of Common Items Junk Removal Companies Can’t Take

A common conversation between us and customers consists of a brief description the customers give us of their items they need to get rid of; unfortunately, within that conversation, there are sometimes items junk removal companies can’t take. Being that we are a junk removal company serving Indianapolis, one would think that we can take just about anything. After all, if you’ve got something that you think is trash or junk, who better to take those things and deposit them in the appropriate disposal facilities, right?

Items Junk Removal Companies Can't Take

Items Junk Removal Companies Can’t Take

We are inclined to agree with you, however, it just isn’t that simple. You see, there are a number of items that we can’t take for a variety of reasons. Take our number one culprit… PAINT!! When you are done remodeling the living room and you’ve got the perfect coat of semi-gloss on, you go to store away the leftover paint. After all, you made need it, right? We are all guilty of that and almost everyone has paint cans stored somewhere within their house or property. The problem is that if we started taking trucks full of paint, we wouldn’t be in business very long. Cans open up during transportation, spill out onto the dump bed, leak out the back through the cracks of the door and then splatter the car behind us that is just waiting to file a lawsuit and end our dream of being Indiana’s favorite junk removal company.

More important than the liability and our vanity since we don’t want the technicolor dream coat on our dump bottom, is that disposal facilities won’t take them for the same reason. “You can’t dump paint,” is what we get from the station operators because the paint then spills on their haul pad which then stays in liquid form for a while and eventually splashes all over and ruins their equipment. Again, these are more vanity reasons, but the ec0-friendly answer is that paint just isn’t good for where they would throw it anyways.

Now, let’s consider the element that these items are not very friendly to our mother Earth. Paint is just one of these nasty chemicals that don’t bode well for the land it would inhabit, but consider what some of the other stuff in your garage and under the kitchen sink can do. We call these items hazardous materials: fuel, oil, chemicals, liquid solvents, etc. These items, especially when combined inappropriately can not only damage the environment when just dumped into the earth, but they could even start a fire in the back of our truck before we even get there!

Not satisfied? We aren’t either. We have been in conversation with disposal facilities about what we can do to accommodate customers pertaining to paint and we do have a process now that we use to solidify the paint making it okay to dump. However, this process comes at a per can cost as the process is time consuming. But, that just goes to show you that at Fire Dawgs we are making every effort to keep our customers happy! Not in Indianapolis, visit some of our outlying areas websites that discuss junk removal Carmel and junk removal Noblesville can trust!

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