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Is It OK to Throw TV’s Away?

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It can often be confusing what you can and can not dispose of. On the surface it seems simple; split between trash and recyclables. However, limitations on both mean that further knowledge of what you are allowed to dispose of is crucial. Another question you may wonder; is it environmentally friendly to throw away a TV. Maybe it is it OK to Throw small TV’s away, but not large projection TV’s. We have the answer to keep things simple!

Is It OK to Throw My TV’s Away?

The answer to this question is no! Disposal services are unable to throw away TV’s as they have chemicals and materials that are harmful for the environment. These soak into the ground, causing a multitude of environmental issues. These can counteracted by recycling TV’s and other electronic equipment. To help encourage the recycling of E-Waste, Indiana passed a law prohibiting the traditional disposal of E-waste, such as TV’s. You can read here at to find out more about how Indiana has created more sustainable options.

Now you may be wondering what exactly to do to recycle your TV’s and other E-Waste. That’s where Fire Dawgs comes in! We send out our two person crew with a mini dump truck to pick up whatever you need removed! The best part? Fire Dawgs strives to donate, reuse, or recycle all of the items that we remove! This means you can have peace of mind knowing your electronic waste is being properly reused or recycled. If we are able to donate that old TV, we will even get a donation receipt for you to have!

Ready for Fire Dawgs to Throw Tv’s Away for you?

Give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 317-291-3294! They will walk you through every step, explaining just how we can help you throw TV’s in your home away! Not able to call? We have a solution! Text us pictures or video of your Tv’s to be thrown away and you will promptly be placed on our schedule. You can also reach us online here! Want to learn more about the Dawg Pack? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to see the latest with our friendly, fun junk removal crews!

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