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How to Screen Service Providers

May 30, 2013 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

As a homeowner, I feel like I hear myself saying “It’s Always Something” more than I should. After shaking my head at the latest obstacle to overcome that my home has created, I normally get over it and start finding the solution. I normally try to find a do-it-yourself solution first but sometimes I find myself in need a service provider. As a services business owner and a homeowner, I feel like I have a unique perspective as to who I choose to hire and why; as a result, I wanted to share with you this post on “How to Screen Service Providers.” Here are a quick 5 tips that will help guide you through the clutter.

1. Top of Mind – Sometimes referred to as Word of Mouth, Top of Mind refers to those companies that you have heard about from friends or seen in and around your neighborhood.

2. Search Engine Results – Don’t just rely on the top companies that come in when you type something into Google. Take the companies you see at the top of search results and then type those companies in the search engine individually with the word “reviews” after it. This will give you some insight into the companies.

3. Visit Review Sites – As the aforementioned bullet refers to, review sites are instrumental in making qualified decisions because they give you the benefit of learning from someone who has already used the service provider. HOWEVER, be careful solely relying on reviews. Some customers can be more critical than necessary. Get a consensus from those reviewing the company rather than getting hung up on just one.

4. Verify Credentials – I am always willing to pay a few extra bucks for a company that is fully licensed, insured and screens their employees. Ensure the company you hire can meet a reasonable standard.

5. Trust Your Gut – If you like a company, go with them! If you feel like somethings just not right with a company, or you don’t like the way they interacted with you on the phone, then move on to a company that appreciates your time.

Whether it is a need for junk removal services or a moving company, you can rely on Fire Dawgs and Moving Dawgs.

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