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How to Recycle Packaging

Dec 3, 2020 | Blog

Covid-19 has prevented a lot of shopping in person this year. With a little adaptation, more has become available online and ready to be sent to your home with the push of a button. However, with all of this shopping online means piles of cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. While throwing them in the trash is an option, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal prefers to ensure that recyclable items get reused or recycled properly. So How can you recycle packaging? Sometimes you have to think a little out of the box! Here are 8 ways that you can reuse or recycle that packaging.

Top 8 Ways to Reuse all of your Holiday Packaging

1. Build a fort

2. Use the boxes to paint

3. Sell some old clothes on postmark or Medicare and send the boxes off

4. Break them down and save them for your kids school projects

5. Reach out to a local school art teacher or robotics team to donate the boxes

6. Find a college student who is moving and needs boxes

7. Use your imagination and create crafts

8. Find a way to recycle the packaging items that can’t be reused!

How can Fire Dawgs Junk Removal help me to recycle packaging?

When there are just too many boxes to remove and more keep coming, Fire Dawgs Junk removal can make it easy and simple to take care of! We send out a crew in a two man team to remove them for you, ensuring that they are taken to the appropriate places to recycle. Additionally, unlike local services, we can take it all, allowing garages and homes to be clear of the clutter. Our pricing also includes the labor to remove the packaging as well

Ready to Recycle Your Holiday Packaging?

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