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How To Organize Your Storage Unit

Feb 19, 2024 | Blog, Home Organization, Service Area, Services We Provide

Organizing a storage unit efficiently can transform it from a chaotic mess into a well-ordered space where finding what you need is a breeze. Whether you’re utilizing a storage unit for temporary storage during a move or for long-term storage of seasonal items, family heirlooms, or excess belongings, implementing a thoughtful organizational system is key to maximizing space and minimizing frustration. But what are some ways to keep you space in tip-top space? Fire Dawgs Junk Removal has put together a guide on how to organize your storage unit. By following a few simple steps and employing smart storage solutions, you can streamline the process of organizing your storage unit and create a tidy, accessible environment that meets your needs.

How To Organize Your Storage Unit


  1. Declutter and Sort: Start by sorting through all your belongings. Separate items you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. Only keep items that you truly need or have sentimental value. This step will help reduce clutter and ensure you’re only storing what’s necessary.
  2. Categorize Items: Group similar items together based on their type, size, or frequency of use. Common categories include seasonal decorations, sports equipment, household appliances, clothing, documents, etc. This will make it easier to locate specific items later on.
  3. Invest in Storage Supplies: Purchase storage supplies such as sturdy boxes, plastic bins, shelves, and labels. Opt for clear containers whenever possible, so you can easily see what’s inside without having to open them.
  4. Use Vertical Space: Make the most of your storage unit’s vertical space by installing shelving units or stacking boxes. Place frequently accessed items at eye level or within easy reach, and reserve higher or lower shelves for items you don’t need as often.
  5. Label Everything: Clearly label each box or container with its contents. Be specific when labeling, and use a permanent marker or label maker for durability. This will help you quickly identify items without having to rummage through multiple boxes..
  6. Maximize Floor Space: Store large or bulky items like furniture, mattresses, and appliances against the walls to maximize floor space. Place smaller boxes and bins on top of these items to further utilize the available space and create isle ways.
  7. Use A Junk Removal Company To Remove Clutter: Call a junk hauling company like Fire Dawgs Junk Removal to remove all your unwanted items that you don’t want to keep anymore!
  8. Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular visits to your storage unit to check for any signs of damage, pests, or moisture. Rotate seasonal items as needed and declutter periodically to keep the space organized.


We hope we provided you with good tips on how to organize your storage unit. But do you have items in your storage unit that you no longer need and want to get rid of? Do you want it done ASAP, but don’t have the ability to remove all the items yourself? Then look no further than the easy and quick solution that customers trust in getting clutter-free with Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! But what can we do? We offer junk removal and cleanout projects like out storage unit cleanout services. But who is Fire Dawgs?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal


The trusted and local pros at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is a firefighter and veteran founded junk hauling company that provides a wide variety of residential junk removal and commercial junk removal services for our clients. But how are we making a difference in your community? Our team will take your gently used and unwanted clothes and items and them to a donation center. Following a successful donation, we’ll even send you a tax-deductible receipt. Additionally, we reuse, recycle, and donate as much as we can for out customers. But more specifically, how does a storage unit cleanout service work?


  • We send out a two-person team with a 16-cubic yard mini dump truck to your storage unit or storage pod.
  • Every truck is decked to the brim with all the tools and items you need.
  • Following our arrival on-site, our crew will greet you and ask to see your unit.
  • Our team will conduct an initial walkthrough to see all the items your want taken by our crew.
  • After we get a better understanding of your service, our team will give you the final quote on your service.
  • You can either accept or decline our service at your discretion.
  • Following price agreement, our team will get to work on removing your unwanted items.
  • Once your items are secured, we’ll check in with you to make sure all your junk was taken from your unit.
  • Then, we’ll shake your hand and head off to donate your items that will be taken.
  • Our office staff will call you two days later to make sure you are pleased with your service.

A picture of storage unit cleanout


“Great with communication and super friendly. Gave me a quote over the phone, paid the representative immediately, and in a few hours, my junk was gone. Received timely text updates to let me know the arrival time and a text upon completion of the job. Will use them in the future.” — Andy B., Google Reviews

Visit our customer reviews page to read thousands of 5-star testimonials from satisfied customers. Ready to get started with Fire Dawgs? Great! Keep reading to book your service with the Tough Dawgs that get “IT” done!


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We’re ready to get you on our books! Hit our line and call us at 800-211-DAWG or contact us through our website to book your junk hauling service. To find out more information about our pricing or other services? Shoot our office staff a text at 317-597-4744 and our team members will get back to you with the information you need. See all the ways our team is helping our customers get clutter-free on TikTokFacebookInstagram, and Twitter! We hope we provided you with good information on How To Organize Your Storage Unit and we look forward to serving you soon.

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