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How to Make Junk Removal Green

Jul 8, 2013 | Blog, Tips and How Tos

Junk Removal services can sometimes get a bad reputation. The stereotype is that most junk removal companies just load up an old pickup truck or trailer and then dump all the items at the landfill. Within that stereotype is a wasteful and unthoughtful junk remover who is more concerned about their profit than they are about the environment. While these type of junk removers are a dime a dozen, they do not represent the ethical junk hauling companies like Fire Dawgs who take an eco-friendly approach to our service. Below is a list of how we go out of our way to not only separate ourselves from the dime a dozen pickup truck and trailer operations, but how we also go out of our way to do it right and take care of our Mother Earth.

  1. Recycle – A lot of the items that one comes across while providing junk removal services can be recycled. Whether it be cardboard, plastic, computers, TV’s or various metals, there are a lot of items that do not belong in the landfill and should instead be recycled so that they can be put back into the market place and stay out of the dump. The less we bury the better our berries.
  2. Re-Use – Once again, not everything that gets hauled away on junk removal jobs needs to be taken to the landfill! It seems like this is a simple and obvious notion but it is often overlooked for the sake of convenience. Items, when they still have a good foundation or “bones” as my wife likes to say, can be re-purposed and sold or donated. What we will do is take items that are still in reasonable condition but missing a couple key components. Next, we will find those components or suitable substitutes and try to turn them back into a functioning item. An old re-purposed desk may not be the color green but saving it from the landfill is!
  3. Donate – Sometimes one man’s trash can be a suffering family’s treasure. When one household has done away with an item and wants someone to lug it out of their basement or garage, we will take it to a charitable organization so that they can get it in the hands of a needy family. This is green because we keep unneccessary items out of the landfill and also charitable in that we get the opportunity to work with solid organizations doing good. Our movers at Moving Dawgs help us sometimes getting our donations in the right hands.
  4. Logistics – We make every effort to coordinate our jobs within a short distance from each other so that we burn less fuel to get us from point A to point B. We also have a sorting and recycling facility that allows us to cut down on unnecessary trips and let’s us do what we do best, keep junk removal green!

This blog post on How to Make Junk Removal Green is a quick snapshot into our operation, but more importantly, it is a glimpse into our thinking so that you can feel comfortable hiring our removers. We are eco-friendly and excited about keeping your junk green!

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