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How to Get Rid of Carpet in Indianapolis

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How to Get Rid of Carpet in Indianapolis

There are a few different ways to get rid of carpet, but the first question to consider may be why it is that you are getting rid of the old carpet in the first place. This is significant because it can determine how quickly you need to get rid of the carpet once you start tearing at the corners in your room. Reason being, if the carpet is incredibly aged, foul smelling, etc., then it is important that you have a pre-determined plan to have the carpet hauled away once it is up from the floors. If you don’t have a plan like this in place, then the smell and years of filth that have embedded the carpet will start fogging your home like a bad bug bomb.

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Old Carpet Removed by Fire Dawgs

Do It Yourself

For most of our customers, they are just getting rid of old carpet because it is time for an upgrade. The get the carpet up, go find a loose corner and pull. Sound easy? Not so fast. If the carpet is set up on tac strips, then it may not be so bad if you are putting down new carpet and if the tac strips are in good shape. If the carpet and the tac strips need to come up because you’ve been watching the DIY network and want to refinish old hardwood floor, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. If the carpet was glued down and you are putting new carpet down over it, go with tac strips instead. It’s a better, more secure hold.

If the carpet may be old, but the smell may not be so bad that it will peal paint, then you can take a little time to find a reasonable disposable solution. If you are a do it yourself kind of personality, then you may just want to rent a dumpster and use the carpet removal as an excuse to clean out your garage also. Point being, once the carpet is up, you need a disposal solution. If you have a way to get the carpet from Point A to Point B, i.e. a pickup truck, then you may want to look at a company like Kruse Recycling who can recycle old carpet.

Hire Some Help

However, if you want someone that can provide carpet removal soup to nuts, then consider a junk removal company. At Fire Dawgs, we can come in and provide full service carpet removal. How we do that is by providing an informative, helpful and professional process from your first visit to our website. We try to answer as many questions on our website as possible before scheduling. When you are ready to schedule, our friendly and professional call center will schedule a convenient time and place for your carpet removal service. Once on scene, our unformed professionals will get to work and will have the carpet up in no time. After the removal, we sweep up where we were working so you didn’t even know we were there. After leaving, we will first take the carpet to a recycler so that we can keep the carpet out of the landfill. After having tried to recycle first, then we will dispose of it through a transfer station.

I hope this post was informative on how to get rid of carpet in Indianapolis, but if we can expand upon anything or answer any more questions, please email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG. If you have questions about pricing, Click Here.

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