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How Much Does it Cost to Remove My Construction Debris?

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Summer time is starting to heat up the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Bloomington areas! This means that pools will be opening, vacations will be taken, and memories made. This also means it is the perfect time to take charge of that home improvement list! However, once you remodel your dream kitchen, bathroom, or basement, what should you do with all of the left over debris? Finally, how much does it cost to remove my construction debris? We are able to help!

So How Much Does it Cost to Remove My Construction Debris?

We always start with a firm, free, no obligation estimate! With your description, we will form a range that we believe the project will fit in. Our two person crew will come out to be able to conquer your construction debris removal from anywhere on your property. This even includes attics and basements! Once the job is complete, our certified crew chief will walk you around the job site. This ensures satisfaction and accuracy! You can rest easy knowing your construction debris removal was done quickly, efficiently, and promptly.

Construction debris’s cost can vary depending on how much you have to haul away! Our mini dump trucks can hold roughly 5 pick up trucks worth of items. A typical load of construction debris is between 3/8-2/3 of our truck, which costs between $305-$415.

Now what counts as construction debris? This can range from tile, drywall, and insulation, to wood trim, boxes, or vanities and tubs. Additional items include brick, concrete, and dirt. These three items are charged at a bit more due to their weight, and are considered a heavy load. For a similar load of between 3/8-2/3 of our truck would be between $395-$795! These will be estimated in person once our crew arrives!

I’m ready to get my construction debris removed! Now What?

We like to keep it simple at Fire Dawgs. Call 1-800-DAWG today to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate! Do you have pictures of your construction debris? We would love to see them! All it takes is a simple text to 317-460-1398 to quickly get a quote texted to you! Prefer email? Send them to [email protected]! But what if you can’t call, text, or email right now? Send us your information here, and a customer service representative will reach out to you!

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