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How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost?

Sep 8, 2021 | Blog, Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a slab of unwanted concrete you need removed? How about an old concrete patio or driveway? Your first question is probably: How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost? In this post, we will break down how much it costs to remove concrete in Indianapolis and also national averages. Costs will vary depending on where you are located and how much concrete you need removed.

Concrete Removal Cost: National Average

The cost for concrete removal generally starts at about $1,500. Much of the information on the internet about concrete removal pricing is inaccurate and is based on the pre-pandemic economy. For example, Home Advisor lists the cost for concrete removal starting at $250. Anyone in the construction or demo industry will tell you that you can’t get a concrete patio or driveway completely demolished and hauled away for $250. Let’s look at a specific size to get a better idea of How Much Concrete Removal Costs.
Picture of concrete demo that says How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost

How Much Does Fire Dawgs Charge for Concrete Demo and Removal?

Let’s look at concrete removal pricing for a specific size as an example. For a 10’x10’x4″ pad with no more than one layer of either rebar or reinforcing wire, Fire Dawgs would charge around $1725.00. This price includes a 2 person crew all day and any equipment needed to complete the job. Equipment we would use for this size of concrete removal would be a jackhammer or concrete saw.

Now, let’s talk about the disposal of the concrete.

We are still going with the example above. We would charge an additional $250 for disposal ONLY if the concrete is painted or coated in any way. If there is no coating on the concrete, it is able to be used as clean fill and is much cheaper to dispose of because it can be recycled. If we can dispose it as clean fill, we will definitely do that to keep the concrete removal price down.

What If You Have a BIG Concrete Removal Job?

A big concrete demo job would be a whole driveway or whole inground pool deck, for example.¬†If you have a concrete pad any larger than 10’x10’x4, ” we would be bringing in an excavator. This would increase the cost of your concrete removal project.

Let’s talk about what the internet says. Home Advisor claims that the cost to remove and REPLACE a concrete driveway is somewhere between $2,340 and $7,500. If you have gotten quotes for ANY concrete work post-2020, you know that $7,500 doesn’t cover a concrete patio, let alone the removal and replacement of an entire driveway.

Why Has the Cost of Concrete Work Gone Up So Much?

Labor prices have gone up and so has material and operating costs. Furthermore, disposal has gone up because the labor to run the landfill has also increased. Everything is connected, and it is an unfortunate cycle. But! We have some good news.

At Fire Dawgs Junk Removal, we do everything we can to make our concrete removal service affordable. We will always try to dispose it as clean fill if we can. Furthermore, we are always up front about our pricing! Finally, we offer firm, free concrete demolition quotes at your convenience.

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