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How Do you Dispose of Construction Waste?

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With spring right around the corner, now is the time to start on that DIY project you have been putting off! Perhaps you wish to put in new cabinets or other features in your home, perhaps you just wish to update everything with a new look! No matter what you are doing, there is bound to be some construction waste. So how do you dispose of construction waste?

What Should I Do With Construction Waste?

Construction waste can be difficult to remove. This is due to the potential for hazardous or heavy materials. If you are worried about running into hazardous materials, it can be best to have professionals take a look and ensure your safety. If you have a lot of concrete or brick that has not been painted, your local cleanfill can take those off your hands for a price! Another option is to have a dumpster placed on site for your whole project, but this requires you to do the labor of the project, and the labor of placing everything in the dumpster. There has to be a better solution! That is where Fire Dawgs comes in!

How Can Fire Dawgs Help?

Fire Dawgs always sends out our two person crews to jobs with a 16 cubic yard mini dump truck, packed to the brim with the proper tools and equipment to adapt to any job that you need done! In terms of construction waste, we will size up the job once we arrive and provide a firm, free, no obligation estimate for everything. As long as the price is agreeable to you, we will begin! If it did not, then you can send the crew on their way at no cost to you! Our pricing always includes all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees, so you can feel good that there will be no hidden costs. Once we finish, a final survey of the job site ensures that you are satisfied and everything has been cleaned up to completion. Would you like a free in person estimate?

Give Me a Free Estimate!

We want to help you! Give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 317-291-3294 today to set up your free in person estimate! Are you unable to call for any reason? Fire Dawgs has you covered! Contact us online here and we will reach out to you at a time that is convenient to you! Do you have pictures or videos that show the full scope of your construction waste disposal project? Text them to us at 317-460-1398 and we will follow up with a quick and easy electronic estimate! It’s as simple as that!

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